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We solve construction procurement problems through our suite of Construction Frameworks

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NWCP established in 2009

The North Wales construction framework is the second local authority-driven construction framework in the region and will build on the award-winning work that has already changed how construction projects are procured in the region. The framework will be used to deliver a range of major projects across North Wales with a combined value of £500 million, offering a host of opportunities for supply chain development.
  • Denbighshire County Council
  • Conwy County Borough Council
  • Flintshire County Council
  • Gwynedd Council
  • Wrexham County Borough Council
  • Isle of Anglesey County Council

The Framework has been built on an ethos of openness and flexibility, achieved through continuous engagement and two way communications between the Authorities and Contractors / suppliers. The Framework may also be utilised by other public sector bodies across the region. The list can be found at appendix 1 of the North Wales Construction Framework user Guide.

In addition to the delivery of the 21st Century Schools Programme the framework is attracting other clients such as North Wales Police, Bangor University and Coleg Cambria. The aim of the framework is ambitious: to secure improvements to the built environment through delivery of best value, energy efficient, sustainable facilities; utilising the highest possible safety and environment standards, innovation and collaboration, whilst creating a lasting legacy through targeted investment in employment and communities. This will address the Programme for Wales’ priorities and deliver a step change in construction procurement for the region.

To see the current structure of the North Wales Construction Framework, click here.

Our Framework offer five value lots for major construction projects starting at £250K

LOT 1 -EAST £250K TO <£1M
LOT 1 -WEST £250K TO <£1M
LOT 2 £1M TO <£2M
LOT 3 £2M TO <£5.5M
LOT 4 £5.5M TO <£10M
LOT 5 £10M+



The framework is flexible enough to enable each organisation to continue to use the processes they are familiar with, offers a range of Price/Quality weightings, different types of contract and the ability to engage with contractors early in the process.


We have delivered a number of projects across North Wales with the highest standards.


Acting in a Manner to Foster and Deliver an Effective and Collaborative Environment.


We invite both clients and Contractors to regular Forums and Special Interest Groups to discuss a range of topics with the objective of sharing information and best practice improving performance and services. Our client base has developed over the lifetime of the frameworks and includes Local Authorities, Welsh Government, North Wales Police, Universities and Colleges.


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