Contact the NWCP team and sign the Access Agreement. You are immediately able to start using the Framework.

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The Framework offers a variety of forms of Contract that can be used, please get in touch for further details.

The Framework runs from 1st June 2024 – 31st May 2028.

The Framework can be used to deliver public sector building developments, including projects funded through the Sustainable Communities Learning Programme (SCfL) and, wider social housing construction or refurbishment.

Yes, direct awards can to be issued provided that the estimated construction value does not exceed the Public Procurement threshold.

The Frameworks offer a quick and efficient route to Contractors. With Construct Only projects, the client continues to employ the design team, and with Design and Build, the contractor will employ a design team. The design team can form part of the mini-competition.

A mini-competition is held with Constructor Partners who have confirmed they have capacity and capability to deliver the scheme. This is issued by the Client, with support from the NWCP team.

The Framework Management fee is recovered via the Client, please get to touch to discuss.