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Pwllheli Police Station, Gwynedd County Council

OBR Construction

Awarded the contract on the 16th January with an original duration of 6 month, the project started well but we ran into the COVID lockdown that halted all work on site.
With this being a tight site within minimal space indoors, we had to take our time in re-authoring all our working procedures and implementing a safe system of work. One of the main risk identified was the number of operatives from various contractors on site – which we had to limit.
This has been a challenge since the return to site to achieve good progress on site while also keeping social distance and a safe workplace. This has impacted on our ability to offer work experience and create new jobs in the magnitude we had hoped, but we have still been able to reach our baseline target.

OBR Construction is a firm based in Anglesey and we employ over 50 directly employed operatives on full time contracts. This allows our projects to pull in resources from our pool as and when required which allows us to employ on continual bases. This project has significantly helped us to employ an additional 6 apprentices since its start date and we continually look to further our continual learning programme within our workforce. Our office is based close to Coleg Menai Llandrillo who have a construction course that train a multitude of trades and academic courses. We pull from the excellent recourse to continually expand our company with young and enthusiastic operatives.

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This project adheres to the Well-being of Future Generations Act. To learn more click here