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The opportunity to expand McKenzie and Jones Joinery

The Challenge

Through years of working similar projects, Stuart McKenzie and Stuart Jones began work as sole craftsman. One of the toughest and crucial elements of any successful construction company throughout the UK is to commandeer future work.

The Response

Following receiving the advert for the project Meet the Buyer event arranged by Read Construction, the two approached Read as a partnership during the initial stages of the Llandudno Junction Primary School Project. The Meet the Buyer event allowed them to meet with the Read team and discuss upcoming opportunities on the project.

The Results

In April 2016 they were given the opportunity to complete some of the work over a two-week trial period. Following the trial, further opportunities and work arose on the project, allowing the two to expand company numbers and bring in more work operatives to work on the increasing workloads.

Read Construction continue to offer work packages on the project in Llandudno Junction, and as a result the company have been able to take on 9 additional operatives to continue to deliver the works, building upona relationship with Read. During this time,
McKenzie and Jones Joinery have also taken on an apprentice. The relationship built with Read through the delivery of this framework project has allowed the Micro SME to expand through offering apprentice opportunities and creating local jobs for local people.

“This opportunity has allowed us to create McKenzie and Jones Joinery. We hope to continue as a partnership, if more opportunities are to arise then we will continue to build on our team and strive to offer our services to larger projects with Read Construction. We will continue to work with our new apprentice and hope to offer him more work which will help him to improve and broaden his knowledge ultimately helping him to complete his training course at college.”
– Stuart Jones, McKenzie and Jones Joinery

Transferable Solutions:

  • We hope to continue to expand our company, this will able us to take on increased work packages which will secure more work for our team.
  • We hope to continue to aid and guide Zach as an apprentice who will ultimately be competent enough to work on all joinery related tasks and become a valuable member of the team.
  • We hope to continue to improve and strengthen our relationship with READ construction, this will enable us to work together on future projects.

In summary


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