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Department of Work and Pensions

Wynne Construction, Read Construction

The Challenge

Following on from our Community Benefit  Strategic Interest Group, great links have been formed with the Tier 1 contractors who are running projects as part of the framework, and JCP being integral in supporting these opportunities with customers for work experience and job starts

In some areas where they are not currently working on framework schemes, the Contractors have looked at some of their other non-framework projects to offer work experience and potential job opportunities.

The Response

Working with Wynne Construction: One such project has been the construction of the new lifeboat station in Llandudno. Due to the support of Alison from Wynne Construction, a young unemployed man from Conwy was given a work experience opportunity to work on the site with one of the sub-contractors.

Working with Read Construction: The team at Read construction have been busy on their school build in Llandudno Junction, and employed a local sub-contractor partnership to complete some of the joinery work

Due to amount of work that was made available to them for both framework and subsequently non framework jobs, they needed to think bigger and take on some more labouring staff

Due to the relationship they were aware of with JCP and Read through the framework, one of the partners spoke to an employer and partnership advisor from Llandudno job centre, who just happened to be an N W Construction Forum representative.

In summary




Wynne Construction, Read Construction


Department of Work and Pensions

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